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Storm Disaster
Storm Disaster
Storm Disaster

Disaster Recovery

Ohio is a great place to live and raise a family. However, it is not immune to severe weather events  or freak accidents. Whether you sustain damage from fire, storms, tornadoes, overflowing rivers, heavy snow, or ice, these events can be physically and emotionally stressful. So we have created a simple checklist to help you with your disaster recovery.

Recovery Checklist

Life First

Things can be replaced, lives cannot. Check to make sure you and anyone with you is physically OK. You may also need to check on your neighbors. If anyone is hurt, seek appropriate medical attention.


Its important to to let your loved ones know you are OK or in need of help. Also, be sure to stay up to date with local coverage of what is going on in your area. There may be local assistance available to you or you may be able to help someone else.

Assess Damage

Once the storm is gone and everyone is safe and any medical needs have been addressed, it is time to assess the damage to your property. Always put safety first. Since you don’t know what you may run into, it is a good idea to have shoes, clothing, and other protective gear suitable to shield you from injury. Don’t take unnecessary risks, such as getting near downed power lines or walking under a damaged tree. If you can, it might be good to get pictures for your insurance company.

Protect Property

Gather any items that are valuable to you and move them to a location where they are not likely to be exposed to further damage. If your roof, walls, or windows were damaged, provide covering to prevent further exposure to the elements. If your basement was flooded, drain the water. Be sure to take pictures before covering up the damage, as your insurance company may want to see them.

Call Your Insurance Company

Now that everyone is safe and your property has been protected, notify your insurance company of your situation. Explain the type of damage your property sustained. Ask them if they have any particular guidance about the process to restore your property. They will most likely send someone out to survey the damage and determine an estimate of the cost to repair or replace your property. They may have preferred vendors to perform certain tasks, such as drying out a basement.

The Cleanup Process

Once your insurance company has viewed your property and given the OK, you can begin the cleanup process. This is where Junk N More can be of great service to you. We can relieve some of the some physical and emotional stress by removing damaged items, trees and debris from your property.  Our teams can safely cut up fallen trees, remove damaged items from any room and load up any debris. We will then haul it away so you can begin the restoration process. You may also find that you have additional debris throughout the restoration process. No problem! Junk N More would be happy to come back any time you have a need for junk removal.

Junk N More offers free upfront quotes so there aren’t any surprises. To learn more about our process, visit How Junk Removal Works.

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