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Go Green with Junk N More

Did you know that there are about 2000 landfills in the United States? Did you know that while 75% of the waste we generate is recyclable, only about 30% is actually recycled. This leaves millions of tons of waste in our landfills which can produce toxins and greenhouse gases. These dangerous toxins can permeate our soil and water.

By recycling, materials that would otherwise be thrown into landfills are used to produce new products. The EPA states that this process saves our environment and natural resources. It also helps our economy by creating jobs.

Help Junk N More make our communities a cleaner and healthier place to live and work. By removing piles of junk from your residence or workplace, you are creating a safer and more pleasant space for you and you family or coworkers. And by utilizing Junk N More for all of your junk removal needs, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to help. We work with recycling centers to recycle as much as possible.

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What can be Recycled?

Much of what we regularly collect can be recycled. Here is a brief list of some of the items that can be recycled:

Scrap Metal

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