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What We Take

Junk N More aims to assist you with removing unwanted items from your home, office or property. We take almost anything as long as it is safe to haul and accessible. Our team members take great care to remove items without any damage to your property. We will also clean up any mess before we leave. This page provides an overview of what we take. If you don’t see what your looking for, feel free to contact your nearest Junk N More office.

Junk Removal

Ordinary Junk

It might be a great time to de-clutter your home or office. No job is too big or too small. Let Junk N More junk removal service help you free up wasted space.



Ready to do a make-over in one of your rooms? Junk N More can haul away old furniture, from sofas to coffee tables, beds to dressers, desks to bookshelves.



As appliances age, they become less efficient, outdated and prone to failure. When its time to upgrade, let Junk N More assist with removing the old ones.

Electronic Items

Electronic Items

Many local trash pickup companies don’t take electronic items due to the special disposal requirements. Let Junk N More take the hassle out of getting rid of your old electronic items.

Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tubs

Heavy and bulky items like hot tubs require proper training and equipment. Our Junk N More team can disassemble and remove your hot tub with ease. Learn More



Unused sheds take up space and can be an eye sore to you and your neighbors. Junk N More teams can dismantle and remove your old shed in no time.

Junk Removal Bagged Trash


Do you have a lot of trash just laying around. You can sit back and relax while a Junk N More junk removal team loads up your trash and hauls it away. A bagging fee may apply for excess loose items.

Construction Debris

Construction Debris

After spending endless hours laboring on your construction project, you don’t have the energy or desire to deal with the pile of left over debris. Junk N More can make quick work of loading and hauling it away for you. Learn More

Items We Take



Mattresses & beds


Play Equipment

Exercise equipment

Sofas and Couches

Wooden furniture

Office chairs and desks

TVs and other Electronics

Washers and dryers

Refrigerators and other Appliances


Hot Tubs

Construction debris

Yard waste

Bagged trash

Scrap Metal


Recyclable materials

And more!

Items We Don't Accept

Fuels like gasoline

Car fluids like oil and antifreeze

Herbicides and pesticides

Any other hazardous materials

Pressurized containers

Bleach and cleaners

Biohazard items

Wet paint

Items too massive to lift safely

Items located in dangerous areas

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